FCC Considering Potential Expansion of "Video Description" Rules

The FCC’s tentative agenda for it’s March 31 open meeting includes a proposal to expand the FCC’s “video description” rules.  Video description involves the aural description of televised programming to assist accessibility to the programming by visually impaired persons.  The current rules require video description for a specified number of hours of programming for (1) each of the top four broadcast networks carried on broadcast stations in the top 60 markets, and (2) each of the top five non-broadcast networks carried on cable and satellite providers serving 50,000 or more subscribers.  


The proposed agenda indicates that the proposal will consider expansion of the amount of and access to described programming, but it is unclear at this point what that will entail, including whether it will involve the expansion of (i) the number of networks covered by the rules, (ii) the hours of video description required, and/or (iii) the broadcasters and cable/satellite providers subject to the rules.

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